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A Podcast offering a Daily Dose of date specific information in 150 words!

A daily podcast featuring interesting, date specific information about people, places and things presented by "legendary" octogenarian, Fred Seale. He will present his take in exactly 150 words... no more, no less. Each episode will take less than five minutes of your valuable time, and if you're not careful, you just may learn something.

Past Episodes

May 19th - A Pint of Guinness 

Fred discusses Guinness stout, one of the world's most successful alcoholic beverage brands.  Brewed in Dublin at St. James' Gate since 1759, it was first exported out of Ireland, to Great Britain, on this date in 1768.  Fred reveals one startling statistic that you surely did not know!

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May 15th - They Didn't Want to be Bothered - w/Ray Kroc 

Fred discusses the popular fast food restaurant, McDonalds, first opened on this day in 1940 by the McDonald brothers, and later turned into the worldwide behemoth it has become by Ray Kroc, who took over operations in 1955.

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May 14th - Where No Civilized Man Had Ever Trodden - w/Meriwether Lewis 

Fred discusses the expedition of Lewis and Clark, which began on this day in 1804, and was the first to explore the territory newly added to the United States by the Louisiana Purchase.

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