From the recording Dazzlingly Uncool

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A spiritual journey.


How can I say the things I want to say?
How you made me into the man I am.
The man I am, the man I was, the man I long to be,
I'm reaching out to take your outstretched hand.

Alone, alone, alone,
I felt alone, though not alone.
Never knowing any peace til I met you.
As a trusted friend and savior,
you bring calm into my strife,
and I live to show the world that I'm in you.
To glorify your name with everything I do.

When you were only 33,
you gave your life at Calvary,
so that the sins that weigh us down could be concealed.
By your blood, we are washed clean,
our salvation is redeemed.
You are the light by which our pathway is revealed.

Alone, alone, alone,
I knelt alone, though not alone.
Never knowing any strength til I met you.
Oh, I trudged through,
though never knowing my success was not my own.
You carried me, and you helped me make it through,
a single set of footprints in the sand, left by you.

Why did it take me so long to make it to this place?
To the company of those who follow truth.
I'm so thankful that you led me by your saving grace,
before pursuit of this worlds treasure pierced me through.

Alone, alone, alone,
I know that I am not alone.
Knowing peace and showing strength that comes from you.
Oh, I know, if God is with us,
who can stand against us?
We glorify your name with everything we do.
And answer a call to serve, not ourselves, but only you.