From the recording Dazzlingly Uncool

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A song about the importance of allowing ourselves to "unplug" from time to time.


Let's put the top down,
and find ourselves a path that don't push back.
We'll dial a notch down,
and not concern ourselves with red or black.

There's something earned around every turn,
and gettin' burned ain't our concern,
cause we've lived and learned as we've churned along our way.

Let's put the top down,
and just pretend the world has gone away.

Let me see that pretty smile, we may be gone for quite a while. hey hey.

Hey, where's the doctor?
I think my heart has slowed down quite a bit.
Is this proper?
I kinda think I could get used to it.

My cellphone's half a mile away,
it may be ringing, who can say?
We couldn't hear it anyway, oh well.
And it feels awkward,
but its been gone an hour and it ain't killed me yet.

And these problems that we put away, will find us on another day, I'll bet.

If you're looking for us, let me tell you where we'll be,
It's somewhere that we used to go.

It may just be inside our heads or in our bed,
or somewhere just as peaceful.

We'll be headed up somewhere we don'g go near enough,
just north of unreachable.