From the recording Dazzlingly Uncool

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Remembering what is important in life, and that you can't take material things with you.


Words and music by Brad Johnson and Rocky Seale

I’m making great time, down a dead-end road
But tell me, what's all this hurrying worth?
I’m burning up my candle from either side
Trying to store up a treasure on earth.

Who’s it for? You can’t take it with you.
Something more, is what we all need to find.

You know a lifetime, seems like a long time
When you’re standing at the starting gate
But in my prime time, I realize I’m
Just here a moment and its getting late.

Just a flash. A spark that shimmers, then quickly fades.
With one chance, To touch off a blaze.

And leave this world different than it was
At the moment that I stepped on the stage
Giving my life for something valued in my Father’s eyes.
Spending my time, to store up treasure for the other side.

Well we were put here, each one with different gifts
To put to use wherever we’re thrown
Yeah we were planted, so we could bear fruit
But the choice is entirely our own.

Who will judge the fruits of our labors?
Who’s to say that mine are better than yours?

We’ve got to leave this world better than it was
At the moment that we stepped on the stage.
Using our lives to find favor in our Father’s eyes.
Giving our time to store up treasure for the other side.