1. Your Brother

From the recording Dazzlingly Uncool

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A song from the perspective of a child welcoming a new brother, and from the perspective of that new brother entering a world already occupied by an older brother.


For as long as you remember, you have always been the center
Of attention, of attention, mmm hmmm
But now there is another, looky here, a baby brother
So brand new, looking to you to teach him everything

Staring down at you, clinging to your mother,
a brand new baby brother.

So much anticipating, Mommy’s growing, waiting, waiting,
choosing names for boy and girl, but is this real?

Never fully understanding, so much crying, so demanding,
why can’t Daddy put him down and read a book to you?

Feeling by yourself, sharing with another, sharing with your brother.

Don’t ever think you’ve lost your place within my heart, no one could take that from you.
Just remember you’re my child and I will always be there for you.

On that October morning, bright lights and people swarming,
Cold hands, the room was spinnin’ mmm hmmm

Then safe in warm and loving arms, looking up with eyes that will not focus,
a face to guide you on your way,

staring back at you, with eyes so full of wonder, this is your big brother.

Always wanting to be near you, when you cry he tries to cheer you,
giving hugs, although sometimes a bit too rough.

Always wondering to yourself, "what was it like here before me?"
Somehow knowing, someone else has worn these clothes before.

Never by yourself, always with another, always with your brother.

Don’t ever think you’re second best, no, no there’s room enough within my heart for two.

Just remember you’re my child and I will always be there for you.

Hey, guess what? You get to share a room together, yes you do!

There’s someone moving in, who might seem alien to you.

You won’t see quite as much of that familiar shade of blue.

You’ll see a gleam in Mommy’s eyes, she finally can accessorize,

And Daddy’d best learn how to tie a bow or two!

You were feeling by yourself, sharing with another.

You were never by yourself, always with your brother.

And now there’s someone else, take care of each other,

growing up as brothers.