Rocky Seale

I'm just a guy who loves music, who can play many instruments passably (but none proficiently) and who has acquired a working knowledge of Logic Pro and home music production. Mostly, though, I am a husband, son, brother, father and father-in-law, who loves his family, loves God, and loves his country, and tries to relate his thoughts on those things through songs.

Musically, I grew up on the Beatles and the Beach Boys, and never left! I have played in a number of bands as a hobby, mostly classic rock cover bands, and have written and recorded a modest collection of original music along with former band mates and friends. I finally amassed enough original songs to justify putting them together as an album, which you will find here.  I hope to release many more songs in the near future, as I complete them, so please stay tuned, and check back here from time to time. Few things bring me more joy than playing and listening to music. I hope that, if you have found your way to this site, you will enjoy the music you find here as much as I enjoyed making it!